Kelas Bahasa Jepang

日本語 / Bahasa Jepang

サリムリア大学の日本語クラスは、英語以外に選択した外国語の追加学習です(すべてのサリムリア大学生には言語学習が必須です)。 サリムリア大学の日本語は、最も関心のある学生が選択する言語で、以下の割合があります。
Kelas Bahasa Jepang di UNISM(Universitas Sari Mulia) merupakan pembelajaran tambahan Bahasa Asing pilihan selain Bahasa Inggris (Pembelajaran Bahasa wajib semua mahasiswa UNISM). Bahasa Jepang di UNISM menjadi Bahasa pilihan yang paling diminati Mahasiswa.

Program Evaluation

Implementation, Evaluation of English Training Program

I. Implementation of Activities
Implementation of General English and TOEFL are mandatory for all the students of SARI MULIA UNIVERSITY. This Language Training has been carried out since the 2017/2018 Academic Year in mid-October 2017.
The class division is adjusted to the level / ability of students which is divided into 3 main levels (Elementary I & II, Intermediate I & II, and Advance I & II) for general English. The classes provided are 20 (twenty) general English classes for semester 1 to semester 4 students, and 10 TOEFL classes for semester 5 to semester 7 students, and class divisions are determined after the implementation of the results of the placement test.
One General English and TOEFL package / period consists of 24 face-to-face sessions for 90 minutes per session.

II. Odd Semester English Training Evaluation

Number of participants

  1. TOEFL: 424
  2. General English: 526
    Average Number of Active Students: 72%

During the pandemic, we have been conducting blended teaching process – 50% online and 50% offline. The common reason for being absent during online class was that the students had poor internet connection in certain places; meanwhile, those who were not present during offline class felt afraid of being exposed to covid-19.